Smart Contact Sensor

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Wireless Window/Door sensor

With the Hombli Smart Bluetooth Contact Sensor, you will receive a notification on your phone as soon as a door or window is opened/closed. You can also use the wireless sensor to automate other smart devices. This sensor uses energy-efficient Bluetooth technology and only works in combination with a Hombli Smart Bluetooth Bridge.

Instant notifications
Receive a notification on your phone as soon as the smart sensor detects movement. This way you always stay informed of what’s happening no matter where you are.

Compact design
The sensor has a minimalist design and therefore fits in any interior. Perfect to install on windows or doors in the house.

Easy home automation

This contact sensor can also be used as a trigger for scenarios. Use this feature to automatically switch on smart lights when you open the door or receive a notification when a window is open while it rains.

Easy installation

This sensor is battery-powered and will last approximately one year depending on usage. With the included 3M tape you can easily stick the sensor on a wall or other flat surfaces. Because the sensor uses Bluetooth technology, you need the Hombli Smart Bridge to receive notifications.