Hombli Smart Robot Vacuum

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Experience the comfort of a clean house when you come home, without investing time or energy. The Hombli Smart Robot Vacuum makes sure every desired part of your house is both dust free and mopped. Easily set up different cleaning programs or activate the smart vacuum from any location by using the Hombli app.

  • LiDAR navigation technology
  • Mopping function
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Create zones and schedules
  • Auto emptying with the Homebase

The Hombli Smart Robot Vacuum not only ensures a dust-free house, but also a perfectly mopped floor. Thanks to the efficient combination of bristles and silicon flaps the Smart Robot Vacuum easily captures any type of filth. And because of the subtle side brush the smart vacuum also catches filth against walls and in corners. The homebase even empties the dustbin in the smart vacuum automatically.

In the Hombli app you can simply create no-go and no-mopping zones in your house, which allows you to let the Robot Vacuum do its job. Both vacuuming as mopping will no longer be household chores that require your time and energy! 


Scan your rooms
The Hombli Smart Robot Vacuum uses advanced LiDAR navigation technology to scan your rooms. This way the smart vacuum is able to map the rooms in your house, which you can manage and name in the Hombli app. Using this navigation technology in combination with the touch sensor in its bumper and the anti-drop sensor, enables the smart vacuum to independently navigate through your house.
Mopping function
Besides making sure your house is dust free, the mopping function of the Robot Vacuum also fixes a perfectly mopped floor. You will come home to a perfectly cleaned house every day!
Various floor types
Whether you have a tile, wooden or carpet floor the Smart Robot Vacuum is able to adjust its route and power to the specifics of your home. The smart vacuum will recognize carpet and will adjust the power suction. The sleek and compact design allows the Robot Vacuum to easily move true your room and underneath your furniture. Even doorsteps up to two centimeters won’t be a barrier!
Easy control with the Hombli app
You can easily add the Smart Robot Vacuum to the Hombli app by connecting it to your Wi-Fi network. With the Hombli app you simply start the Smart Robot Vacuum with one touch. Just one small cleaning job necessary? Simply select a room of choice in the Hombli app and let the Robot Vacuum do its job!
Smart schedules
The Hombli app allows you to add, save and adjust any area or room in your house. Which makes it possible to plan any cleaning schedule that suits your personal agenda. You will come home to a clean house every day!
Long battery life and easy to recharge
The Smart Robot Vacuum has a battery life of 90 minutes with the standard mode, which provides enough time for a complete cleaning job! If the battery runs low, the smart vacuum will automatically return to the Homebase to recharge and will continue an unfinished cleaning session afterwards.
You can easily place and set up the Homebase anywhere on your floor and simply connect it to electricity with the socket. The Homebase automatically empties the dustbin in the smart vacuum when it’s connected to the Homebase. The Homebase can contain up to four liters, you can easily replace the dustbin in the Homebase with a new one, which is included. Click here to order additional dustbags.
HEPA filter
The Smart Robot Vacuum contains a replaceable HEPA filter. Which filters particles from the expelled air so that harmful particles will not be released in your house.
Control with the power of your voice
The Smart Robot Vacuum is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts. When at home you can easily give your Smart Robot Vacuum instructions without using the Hombli app on your phone, by simply talking to your Smart Home Assistant. Completely taking these household chores out of your hands.
Dutch service & quality
The Hombli app, manual and support for all Hombli smart products are available in NL/DE/FR/EN/IT/ES. If there are any questions or problems, our Dutch customer support team will be happy to help you out!

What’s in the box?

1x Hombli Smart Robot Vacuum
1x Home Base
1x Mop bracket
2x Mop (1x installed, 1x extra)
1x Main brush (installed)
2x Side brush (1x installed, 1x extra)
2x Filter (1x installed, 1x extra)
2x Dust bag (1x installed, 1x extra)
1x Maintenance brush (1x installed)
User manual (download pdf)


Technical Specifications

EAN code


SKU code



Smart Robot Vacuum



Product length

330 mm

Product height

330 mm

Product width

95 mm

Product weight

Robot vacuum: 3.1kg

Homebase: 3.5kg

Measurements Homebase

24*18*38 cm






Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz)

Home automation platform

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts

App control

Yes, Hombli app



Product Specific Specifications

Navigation technology


Suction power

Max. 2700Pa (4 strength levels

Mopping function

Yes (3 levels of water flow)

Water tank type

Electric control

Water tank capacity


Dustbin capacity


Battery capacity


Noise level (standard)


Working time on one charge

90 min with standard mode

Maximum suction area per battery charge

140 m2

Charging time

240 min

Continues unfinished session after charging


Obstacle crossing height


Limit movement

Virtual walls and zones (no-mopping or no-go)

Suitable for dark floors


Automatic carpet boost

Yes (low-pile carpets)

Suitable for dark floors


Anti-drop function

Yes, 3 infrared sensors

Anti-collision method

LiDAR sensor + front bumper with touch sensor


Replaceable HEPA E11 filter (PTFE)

Cleaning route


Cleaning modes

Automatic -, Area -, Room -, Spot cleaning mode

Side brush

Yes (bristles)

Main brush

Yes (rubber and bristle mixed)

Multiple maps

Yes, save up to 2 floor maps

Auto update map


Cleaning history

Yes, view in app

Non disturb mode


Working temperature


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