Hombli Smart Water Controller 2

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Keep your garden green with the Hombli Smart Water Controller. You can exactly choose on what day, how long and how often you want your garden to be watered. read more

  • Irrigation schedules
  • Monitor Water Consumption
  • Rain delay
  • Fits common types of taps
  • Battery powered 4xAA (not included)

Keep your garden green with the Hombli Smart Controller. You can exactly choose on what day, how long and how often you want your garden to be watered. This prevents your plants from getting too much water, and you won’t have to worry anymore about turning off the sprinkler. The watering system consists of 2 items: a controller and a gateway, which you easily control with your smartphone or tablet to automatically water your garden. The controller delivers the right amount of water. The included gateway provides the connection between the sprinkler and your smartphone.


Control with your smartphone
In the Hombli app you easily turn your Hombli Smart Water Controller on and off, check your water consumption and set customized time schedules. Wherever you are and whenever you want.
Automatic irrigation
Thanks to the smart irrigation system of the Smart Water Controller your lawn, patio plants, flower beds and hedges stay in top condition. While you are laying in the garden or on the couch, your water controller is watering the garden. This is easily set up in the app. You can choose between 2 watering features: Continue (watering without intervals) and Pulse (watering with intervals).
Turning of automatically with timers
Prevent your garden from flooding or overwatering your plants by setting a timer or schedule. Your water controller switches itself off automatically at a specific time, set up by you in the Hombli app.
View current water consumption
Would you like to keep an eye on your water consumption? In the free Hombli app you can check the current consumption 24/7. To regulate the consumption, you can set time schedules, create smart scenarios* or turn on the Pulse feature to save water and therefore costs.
Designed for outdoor
The Smart Water Controller is resistant to external influences. The controller is both sunlight-resistant and IP54 waterproof (splash-proof and resistant to dust). When it freezes, you must remove the Smart Water Controller from the water tap to prevent damage from freezing.
Voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri*
Is your phone out of reach? Ask Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri to activate your water controller. Connect the water controller to a Google Home Mini Speaker, Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Dot and control your water timer handsfree with your voice.
Easy installation on almost any water tap
Screw the Smart Water Controller onto the water tap (compatible with 1” (33,3mm) and 3/4” (26,5mm) threads), attach the garden hose to the Smart Water Controller and follow the instructions in the app to successfully install your Smart Water Controller. You can easily connect the smart water controller to your WiFi network via the Hombli app.

*Using a Hombli Bluetooth Gateway is necessary to connect to Wi-Fi and take full advantage of all the functionality of the Hombli Smart Water Controller 2.

Pair with the Hombli Smart Bluetooth Bridge and get the full experience.

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Without Bluetooth Bridge

With Bluetooth Bridge

Control Nearby (15m)
Control anywhere

Max. devices

6 (iOS) / 4 (Android)

128 (8 per bridge)

Set timers

Create schedules

Advanced scenarios

Voice assistants

Share devices


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Part of the Hombli Smart Home Ecosystem

The Hombli Smart Water Controller seamlessly integrate with all other Hombli smart home products, allowing you to create harmonious and intelligent setups. Harness the power of Smart Scenarios to activate your Water Controller in combination with any Hombli device. For instance, create a scenario that automatically turns off the Water Controller when the Smart Outdoor Camera detects motion as you drive into your driveway. With Smart Scenarios in the Hombli app, the possibilities are endless – and you won't even need to reach for your phone when you arrive home.

What’s in the box?

Smart Water Controller
Tap adapter
Battery compartment (4x AA batteries are not included)

Water Controller

Size 60*80*130mm
Weight 250g
Material ABS + PC
Color black 6C+cool grey 11 C
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy
Water Flow 5 L/min - 35 L/min
Working water pressure 0.5 bar to 8 bar
Inlet 1" standard hose thread with 3/4" adapter
Outlet 3/4" standard hose thread
Allowed water temperature 0°C - 50°C
Batteries 4 x AA Batteries (not included)
Expected battery life min. 12 months
Physical button Turn on/off
Voice control Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts