Smart Bulb (9W) CCT Promo Pack

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Dimmable Brightness, Colour Range from Warm White to Cool White; Works with Google Home,- Control via Hombli App
Create the perfect light setting in your smart home with the dimmable Hombli E27 Smart Bulb. Set the right mood by adjusting the colour temperature from cosy warm white to energizing cool white. Installing the smart bulb is as easy as any other lightbulb. Connect it to your home WiFi network in no time via the free Hombli app on your smartphone. You can use the app to remotely turn the lights on or off, adjust brightness and set schedules. You can even create custom automations with any smart home device that is powered by Tuya Smart. You can control multiple smart bulbs at the same time. Moreover, since Hombli Smart Bulbs are connected with Wi-Fi, you can remotely control them with your smartphone from anywhere at any time even when you are not at home. Use your voice to control the smart bulb with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. Voice control will be your assistant during your daily house tasks, take control of your household when cooking your favourite meal, and dim the lights just before serving dinner to create that perfect atmosphere. Connect the Hombli app to the Hombli Alexa Skill to control your Hombli devices by voice commands. Custom designed Hombli App with a very user-friendly interface. Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, and Dutch.