Hombli Smoke Detector Grey

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Feel safe and secure at home with the Hombli Smart Smoke Detector Grey. The device emits a loud alarm of over 85 dB when the smoke is detected, so you can easily hear the alert anywhere at home. Besides the traditional alarm, you will also receive an instant notification on your phone. This means that you get notified when something is going on wherever you are.

  • Real-time notifications
  • 10 year battery life
  • Easy installation with magentic mount
  • Photoelectric sensor
  • Loud alarm (85dB)
  • Ultra slim design

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Always be aware of the alarm going off
The loud alarm and instant notification on your phone will notify you when smoke is detected, even when you are not at home you can send help and check if everyone is safe. The app will also advise on what steps to take in the event of fire.
Easily mute false alarms
With the mute function, you can quickly turn the alarm off when you have checked that there is no fire. You can mute it easily by using the Hombli app, or by pressing the Smoke Detector in the middle. The smoke detector will start checking again automatically 10 minutes after you have activated the mute function.
10 year battery life
The Smart Smoke Detector will test the battery and sensor weekly to make sure everything is working correctly. When something is wrong it will immediately send you a notification explaining what to do. The internal batteries will last 10 years, you can always check the current battery status in the app.
Stylish, ultra slim design
The Smart Smoke Detector has a minimalistic design that adapts to any interior. Besides the standard white version, it is also available in grey, which makes it a great fit for all ceilings. There is also an integrated button to pair the device and mute the alarm.
Easy installation
The magnetic mount allows you to install the smoke detector in seconds. Merely stick the 3M tape of the mount to the ceiling or or by using a single screw. The magnetic mount makes regular maintenance, cleaning and removing dust, much easier because you can just grab the Smart Smoke Detector without the use of any tools. All you need to do after the installation is to connect the device to the Wi-Fi network and add it to the Hombli app.
Better together
All Hombli devices work seamlessly together in one single app. This means that they work together to make your house smarter and safer. Smart scenarios make it possible to turn your Hombli smart bulbs on automatically when smoke is detected so you can safely evacuate your house when it is dark at night. You can also check with Hombli cameras exactly what is happening when smoke is detected and you’re not at home.

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What’s in the box?

Smart Smoke Detector
Magnetic mount
2 Screws & plugs
3M double-sided tape



Type smoke detector Photoelectric 
Wireless connection Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz
Alarm volume ≥85 dB at 3m
Dimensions ⌀120x31,5mm
Weight 142 g
Packaging dimensions 123x41x124 mm
Working area Up to 40m2
Wireless connection Wifi, 802.11 b/g/n
Battery CR14505, Lithium battery
Battery life 10 year
Power DC3V
Operating current <30uA (standby); <70umA (alarm)
Working temperature 0°C~40°C
Working humidity ≤95%RH non-condense
Smoke sensitivity Mmin= 0,09 dB/m Mmax= 0,17 dB/m
sku HBSA-0108
ean 8719323919280