Smart Spot Light Starter Kit

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Elevate the ambiance of your garden with our stunning Smart Spot Lights.
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Easy & flexible installation
  • Water resistant IP65
  • Durable aluminium

Elevate the ambiance of your garden with our stunning Smart Spot Lights. These innovative lights offer the perfect solution for highlighting center pieces, adding life to any surface, or creating a captivating overall atmosphere. The choice is yours! Installing the Smart Spot Lights is a breeze, thanks to our user-friendly soil pin system or convenient mounting feet. With the intuitive Hombli app, you have complete control over each spot light, allowing you to customize and automate them individually or as a group.

Enhance Safety in Your Garden
Rest easy knowing that our Smart Spot Lights brighten up your garden, making it safe and secure during darker hours. Illuminate every corner and pathway around your home, providing peace of mind and added safety for you and your loved ones.
Flexible Setup Options
Expand beyond our Starter Kit, which includes three Smart Spot Lights, by adding our extension set for a total of up to six lights. With additional extension cables, you can install the lights even farther away from a power outlet, giving you unparalleled flexibility in lighting placement.

Endless Ambiance Possibilities
Immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities with our Smart Spot Lights. With an impressive range of 16 million colors, including delightful cold-to-warm whites, you can effortlessly set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Adjust the brightness and dim the lights to your liking, all through the user-friendly Hombli app.
Seamless Control with the Hombli App
Connect your Smart Spot Lights to the Hombli app and enjoy effortless control. Change colors, adjust brightness, and turn the Spot Lights on or off with a single touch. Manage them as a group or control each light individually, all at your fingertips.
Designed for Outdoor Excellence
Crafted with durable aluminium bodies and boasting an IP65 rating, our Smart Spot Lights are built to withstand any weather condition – from heavy rainfall to dry, dusty winds. With their plug-and-play installation, you'll have your new Spot Lights set up in no time, ready to transform your outdoor space.
Automate Your Lighting Experience
Unlock the full potential of your Spot Lights by using our Smart Bluetooth Bridge and automating them to suit your needs. Schedule them to turn on at specific times, after a designated duration, or in response to various conditions like weather, sunrise/sunset, or sensor signals. With a Smart Scenario set up in the Hombli app, your garden will always show the perfect lighting, just the way you desire.


Pair with the Hombli Smart Bluetooth Bridge and get the full experience.

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Without Bluetooth Bridge

With Bluetooth Bridge

Control Nearby (15m)
Control anywhere

Max. devices

6 (iOS) / 4 (Android)

128 (8 per bridge)


Set timers

Create schedules

Advanced scenarios

Voice assistants

Share devices


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Part of the Hombli Smart Home Ecosystem

The Hombli Smart Spot Lights seamlessly integrate with all other Hombli smart home products, allowing you to create harmonious and intelligent setups. Harness the power of Smart Scenarios to activate your Spot Lights in combination with any Hombli device. For instance, create a scenario that automatically turns on the lights when the Smart Outdoor Camera detects motion as you drive into your driveway. With Smart Scenarios in the Hombli app, the possibilities are endless – and you won't even need to reach for your phone when you arrive home.

Don't miss out on the extraordinary lighting experience offered by our Smart Spot Lights. Illuminate your garden with style, simplicity, and unmatched versatility. Transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis that will leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

What’s in the box?

3x Hombli Smart Spot Light
3x Soil Pin
3x Mounting foot
3x Connector cable
1x Connector cap
1x Adapter
1x Manual

Spot Light

Size package 95x225x524mm
Weight package 3,0kg
Size 1 Spot Light 153x78x310mm
Weight 1 Spot Light 0,4kg
Material Aluminium
Color Black
Communication Bluetooth Mesh
Licht color 16 million RGB colors & Cold white - Warm White
Color temperature White light adjustable: 2700K - 6500K
Licht intensity 270 Lumen
App works with Android, iOS
Water resistance IP67
Power (per light) 6 Watt
Voltage 230V
Connection EU Socket
Colour rendering index(cri) >80
Energy Label G (6kWh/1000h)
Voice control Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts (Bridge Required)
Physical button On/off (hold to reset)
Voltage connector 24 Volt
Total capacity adapter 36 Watt (6 Pathway Lights or Spot Lights)
Licht angle 120°
Connection adapter EU socket
Length connector cable 200 cm
Length adapter cable 300cm


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