Hombli Solar Cam 2K

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Embrace the peace of mind of smart security—choose the Hombli Solar Cam 2K for your home.

Always see what’s going on

Choose supreme and reliable safety with the Hombli Solar Cam. Mount the camera anywhere you want and with a bit of daily sunshine the camera will work almost indefinitely, no wires needed! You can monitor what is going on day and night in full colour and, to make it easy, the camera will detect motion, notify you and record it.


Nearly Unlimited Power
The Hombli Solar Cam 2K practically never requires recharging due to its highly efficient solar panel and a battery that lasts for over seven months on one charge*. The solar panel can maintain the battery at full charge with just thirty minutes of sunlight each day*. That’s why you'll seldom need to do anything to keep this camera rolling. Before the battery reaches zero it will be sunny weather again!
2K QHD image Quality (2560x1440)
The camera's high resolution ensures that every live or recorded video is crisp and detailed, providing you with footage that’s both clear and actionable. Quad High Definition (QHD) is nothing less than you’d expect from a modern security camera.
The outdoor champion of security cameras
With its high IP66 rating, -20 to 50 °C temperature range and high-tech solar charging, the Hombli Solar Cam 2k is a perfect outdoor camera. It will withstand severe downpours and harsh weather easily and be your watchful eye, while you stay warm and dry inside. At the same time, the solar panel’s materials and smart design optimise for efficient solar collection while repelling dirt and water. That’s how it will recharge optimally whenever the sun shines and get ready for the next time the sun isn't shining.
Night becomes as clear as day
The Solar Cam's advanced Coloured Night Vision provides you with security and peace of mind. It offers coloured imaging and infrared vision up to 8 metres away, ensuring that darkness is no cover for those who want to remain unseen.
The camera's intelligent sensors keep the camera ready indefinitely
Using motion and sound detection, combined with ‘human body filtering’ and editable detection areas, the camera activates only when necessary. This ensures that the Solar Cam is both effective and efficient. It’s always ready to record!
Better security through light and sound
The built-in siren and floodlight are ready to ward off intruders, based on conditions set by you, while two-way audio allows you to communicate with anyone in earshot of the camera, adding personal control to your security.
Stay Connected with the Hombli App
Installation is a breeze— fit the bracket, angle the solar panel towards the sun, power up, and connect to your Wi-Fi with the Hombli app. The user-friendly app lets you take full control over the camera. Want to quickly check and take a peek while you’re away? No worries. Go to the app and see what’s happening in real time, wherever you are.
Convenient compatibility
Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home (€3,50 activation fee), the Hombli Solar Cam 2K integrates seamlessly with other smart home systems for viewing and storing live video feeds.
Secure data storage the way you want it
Insert a Micro SD card up to 256 GB directly into the camera giving you plenty storage space**, or opt for Cloud storage on secure servers based in Germany. Whichever you prefer, you decide how to handle your data.

*Based on typical usage, which includes 10 activations during the day and 10 at night (infrared). Each recording is assumed to be 15 seconds, amounting to 5 minutes of recording every 24 hours. Results will vary based on factors such as placement, temperature and geographical location.
**256 GB is enough storage space to last for over 7 years based on typical use*.

What’s in the box?

1x Hombli Solar Cam 2k
1x Wall mount
1x USB Cable (type-C to type-A) 
4x Small wall screw
4x Wall plug
1x Manual


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Hombli Solar Cam 2K


WiFi (2.4Ghz)

App control

Yes, Hombli app

Smart home platform

Amazon Alexa*, Google Assistant*, Siri Shortcuts
(€3,50 one-time activation fee) 





Resolution 2K QHD (2560 x 1440)
Viewing angle 100°(H), 52°(V)
Frames per second 20
Compression  H265/H264
Sensor type CMOS
Lens 4mm
Storage SD card (Max. 256GB) / Optional Cloud storage
Security standards WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

Charging cable length


Type of plug

USB-C (cable included)

Wifi range ~70m(open environment)

IP rating

IP66 (waterproof)

Working Temperature

-20℃ ~ 50℃