256GB micro SD card

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This Integral Micro SD-card is a great addition for your Hombli camera. With this memory card, you can store recordings locally, ensuring that your valuable footage is always accessible.

256GB storage capacity

The Integral Micro SD-card provides ample space for storing video recordings from your Hombli camera. Whether it's continuous footage(wired cameras) or motion-triggered clips, you'll have plenty of room to save your data. -

Compatibility with Hombli smart devices

This memory card is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Hombli smart cameras, including both indoor and outdoor models. Whether you have the Hombli Smart Indoor Camera or the Hombli Smart Outdoor Camera, this micro SD-card will enhance your storage capabilities. -

Local storage

The Integral Micro SD-card allows you to keep your recordings directly on the card itself. This means you won't rely solely on cloud storage, giving you more control over your data. Plus, local storage ensures that even if your internet connection goes down, your footage remains accessible.

Privacy and security

Hombli takes privacy seriously. Your video footage is securely stored either on the micro SD-card or in their cloud servers located in Frankfurt, Germany. These servers adhere to strict privacy standards, ensuring that your data remains encrypted and accessible only to you. In summary, the Integral Micro SD-card is an essential accessory for your Hombli camera, providing reliable local storage and peace of mind regarding privacy and security. Upgrade your camera setup today!